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Curbside Procedures

  • Hours of Curbside Service: Monday–Friday 10am-8pm
  • Curbside pickup is for pick up of held items and weekly kids’ craft kits (as available)
  • Please wait for a notification from the library that your items are ready before coming.

Pick-Up Procedure

Patrons must wear proper face coverings during pickup.

Items will be placed in paper bags, carried to car or left on a designated table.

Curbside Service to your Car- Once at the library, please call the library and staff will bring items to your car. Please have your ID ready to show staff through window and open trunk for staff to place items in.

Walking Patrons Clark House only – For those patrons walking to the Round Lake Library, call the library when you arrive, show your ID to staff through porch windows, and your bag will be set on the steps.

Malta curbside may move into the vestibule of the Community Center during inclement weather. Please call the library when you arrive – place proper ID on table in vestibule and then step outside under the awning. Staff will then come out to the vestibule, check ID and place bag on table. Once staff go back inside the library the you may re-enter the vestibule to get ID and items.