Book Donations

At this time we are unable to accept large donations due to lack of storage space.

Limited donations of no more than one bag or small box per person per day are being accepted.

Popular, recently published books in excellent condition are much appreciated and are considered for addition to our collection.

Other books in resalable condition are accepted for our book shop, or our annual book sale (part of the Markets at Round Lake).

We do not accept:

  • textbooks
  • encyclopedia sets
  • collections of old National Geographic or other magazines
  • outdated audio-visual formats, e.g. VHS, cassette tapes or records
  • any materials in poor or unusable conditions (broken, torn, unbound, stained, musty, moldy, smoke or moisture damaged, etc)
  • miscellaneous items unrelated to the library’s collections or programming

To make a book donation, please visit one of our locations during operating hours.

Please do not put donations in the outdoor book returns or leave them outside the library.

Try the options on this list for donating books.