Homeschool Resources

In addition to our Online Research Database, Rocket Language Learning platform, and Homeschooling collection (located upstairs in Clark House), here are some helpful homeschooling websites for grades K-12:

Homeschooling Guidelines 

Curriculum Outlines 

Free online worksheets/testing

Free lesson plans

Free Multimedia Resources 

Free Textbooks & Online Books 

  • Project Gutenberg– public domain ebooks
  • Librivox– public domain audiobooks  
  • Wikibooks– collaboratively written textbooks and other instructional books
  • OpenStax– mostly college level, but adding high school textbooks too!
  • LibreTexts– college textbooks

Cultural Organization Directory

  •– Locate museums & galleries, zoos & aquariums, botanical gardens & wildlife reserves, and lots more great places for field trips throughout New York State

Educational Videos

Bonus… Astronomy! 

Please note that the resources listed on this page are not affiliated with the library.