Eco Explorer Backpacks

Available at the Malta Branch, these backpacks are filled with resources, tools and ideas to encourage outdoor exploration and physical activity. With these packs, you can make natural discoveries in your own back yard or in local parks (Malta Parks & Trail Guide included).

Each backpack contains a themed set of items to explore the natural world.

  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Bugs
  • Outer Space
  • Playing in Nature
  • Rocks Minerals & Fossils
  • The Seasons
  • Trees
  • Weather
  • Wetlands

These kits go out for two weeks at a time, are not renewable, and must be picked up and returned to the Malta Branch.

The Round Lake Library, in partnership with the Town of Malta Department of Parks & Recreation, was awarded with a generous grant from the Global Foundries Town of Malta Foundation to provide these exciting Eco Explorer Backpacks.