How do I…

…get a card?

Generally, just bring your photo ID to either branch and say you want to get a card!

To get a card for a minor, a parent or other guardian will need to show their ID and accept responsibility for items checked out on the card.

For more details, see the Get A Card section on our Library Services page.

…replace a lost card?

If your library card is lost and you have no hope of finding it, just bring your ID to the library and we can give you a replacement card!

(If you’re still looking and think it might turn up, just bring your ID to check out items until your card turns up.)

The Round Lake Library and Malta Branch do not charge any fee for library card replacement.

Please note your new card will have a new barcode number, so you will have to change any auto-logins on your devices that have your old card number saved.

If you have a card from another library in the Southern Adirondack or Mohawk Valley Library Systems, we are able to provide a replacement, but do recommend contacting them for a new card.

…borrow an item?

Physical items can be checked out at the library using either your library card or photo ID. If an item is on our shelf, it is available for anyone to check out, regardless of which library in the SALS or MVLS system your card was issued from or where you are a resident. If your account has overdue or lost items, or fines and fees over $10, you will not be able to borrow more items until the issue has been resolved.

Digital items can be borrowed from most internet-connected devices. You will need your library card number (under the barcode starting with 100, no spaces) and possibly a password (the last 4 digits of your phone number on file). See more details about specific platforms on our Digital Services page or on that platform’s website. Please note that some services are only available if you are registered at Round Lake Library, and if there are not more than $5 in fines on your account.

…find out when things are due?

Log in at pac.sals.edu with your library card number (under the barcode starting with 100, no spaces) and password (the last 4 digits of your phone number). Go to Items Out under the My Account tab to see all of the items checked out on your account.

Call either branch of the library and ask!

…extend my loan?

Login at pac.sals.edu with your library card number (under the barcode starting with 100, no spaces) and password (the last 4 digits of your phone number). Go to Items Out under the My Account tab to either Renew All Items or Renew Selected Items. Some items may be non-renewable if others have requested them or if the renewal limit has been reached. Please read the confirmation screen to ensure all items have renewed!

You can also call either branch of the library and ask to renew!

…return an item?

Books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and most other items can be returned either inside or in the outdoor bookdrop at Clark House or the Malta Branch, as well as at any other public library in the SALS or MVLS systems.

Some items, such as the Eco-Explorer Backpacks, Try-It Kits, Lego Robotic Kits, and other items will not fit in the bookdrop and must be returned inside the same location from which the item was borrowed during open hours.

…search for an item?

Search for items in Clark House or the Malta Branch through the catalog using keyword, title, author, etc. To search both Round Lake Library’s Clark House and Malta Branch locations at the same time, select All Items- Round Lake Libraries under the Limit By dropdown.

To search the holdings of a specific library/branch, select a location from the list in the upper left corner. To search the entire SALS/MVLS system, select All Libraries.

…ask for an item?

If you have already found an item by searching the catalog, use the Place Hold button, and log in with your library card number (under the barcode starting with 100, no spaces) and password (the last 4 digits of your phone number).

You can also stop in or call either branch and we will search for items for you and request them if they are not available.

…borrow an e-book on my device?

That depends!

If you are borrowing from OverDrive, we recommend installing the Libby app for Android or iOS devices. You can also access material in your browser at salon.sals.edu. See OverDrive’s Getting Started Guide or Troubleshooting page for more info.

To borrow from Freading, check out their FAQ page or dive right in on the Freading app for Android or iOS.

Still having trouble? Contact us and we can set up a time to walk you through setup and use.

…figure out where I am registered?

Some digital resources are only offered by a library for patrons registered at their library. Other services are specific to either SALS or MVLS.

To determine which library you are registered, LOG IN at pac.sals.edu (username = barcode from your library card; password = last 4 digits of your phone number) then look for “Registered at:” on the My Record page.

Registration was previously determined by the SALS or MVLS library you initially registered at, but going forward will be according to library service area within which you reside for all new and renewed cards.

SALS includes libraries in Warren, Washington, Saratoga and Hamilton counties, or see the complete list here.

MVLS includes libraries in Fulton, Montgomery, Schenectady and Schoharie counties, or see the complete list here.

…request curbside pickup?

If you have items on hold, just give us a call to request curbside pickup when you are parked at the entrance of the library. For Malta, this is the entrance marked “Gerald R. Winters Gymnasium”.

We’ll ask for your name, and then check your library card or ID when we bring your items out for you.

You can either pop your trunk or roll down a window and we’ll set your items in the car for you.

…avoid a late fee?

As of September 2021, we are no longer charging late fees on most items except:

  • New & Popular Books (aka 14 Day Adult Books) are 20¢ per day overdue
  • New DVDs and Blu-rays are $1 per day overdue

Having overdue items on your account will prevent further borrowing.

Items that are more than 30 days overdue will be considered Lost and a replacement fee will be charged to the borrower’s account. This fee will be waived once the item is returned.

Late fees are not charged for days we are closed (Sundays, holidays, and emergency closings).

One day of late fees is waived for items returned in the bookdrop between closing and opening.

Please note that items returned at other libraries in the system will be charged late fees according to that library’s policy.

…pay a late fee?

Fines for late fees can be paid at either branch of the library with cash, or with a check for amounts over $10.

We do not accept any credit or debit cards, and do not offer any online payment.

Both branches can also accept late fee payments charged by other libraries within SALS and MVLS systems.

…pay for a lost or destroyed item?

Fines for replacement costs can be paid at either branch of the library with cash, or with a check for amounts over $10.

We do not accept any credit or debit cards, and do not offer any online payment options.

Replacement fees for a lost or damaged item belonging to another library should be paid by check made payable to the owning library if possible, or with cash if a check is not available.

…handle a damaged book?

If an item you have checked out is damaged or in need of repair, please let us know!

Generally falling apart: If a book has loose or torn pages, detached binding, or other structural issues, do not try to repair the item yourself. We have a book repair magician specialist on staff who can seamlessly reattach pages, spines, covers, &c.

Please DO NOT apply Scotch, invisible, packing, washi, or other tapes to the book– they don’t hold up to time or handling, and also make it harder for us to repair the item. We have pH-balanced glues, book and cloth tapes, and other specialized materials that are designed for book repair, and will give the item any needed TLC to get it back into circulation.

Water, liquid & food: If a book encounters water, other liquids, or food, wipe off the cover and blot as much liquid as possible from the affected pages with paper towels. Stand book upright and fan its pages to let it dry. Let us know what liquid the book was exposed to when you return it- we have ways to treat many stains and prevent mildew from growing. We especially need to know if blood gets on a book so we can disinfect it.

Chewed books: For books that have been chewed by a pet or small human, please bring us pictures of the little cutie when you return the book. We absolutely want to see them! If the damage to the book is not extensive we may be able to fix it up, but if there are significant portions missing there’s not a lot we can do.

…handle a damaged disc?

If a disc will not play and just seems dirty, use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to gently wipe in small circles on the silver side of the disc. If this doesn’t do the trick, we have a special disc cleaning kit that might also work, so let us know when you return it.

For discs that are scratched, cracked or otherwise unplayable, let us know when you return it so it can be cleaned, resurfaced, or otherwise repaired if possible. For bookdrop returns, a note inside the case works. If there are more than one disc in the item, indicate which one needs attention.

…get into the Malta Branch?

The Malta Branch is located inside the Malta Community Center.

After turning off of Bayberry Drive into the parking lot, continue past the first lot on the right to the second lot on the left.

The Main Entrance is in the corner of this lot, behind the round planter, through the doors labelled “Gerald R. Winters Gymnasium”.

The library is to the left when you enter the building.

…get on the internet?

Public computers are available for use during operating hours. You do not need to have a library card to use the public computers, just sign a computer use form at the desk the first time you come in.

Public wifi is available at both branches, and is even accessible outside the building.

…access Ancestry Library Edition?

Ancestry Library Edition can only be accessed on the library’s public computers.

…reserve space to work/study/tutor?

The Meeting Room in the Malta Branch can be reserved for work, study, meetings, tutoring and other activities for individuals and small groups by calling the Malta Branch. For more information see our Library Services page and the Meeting Room Policy.

Clark House has space upstairs available for similar use, but is not able to be reserved as it is non-exclusive and houses half of our collection.

…see what programs and events are happening?

We are currently transitioning to a new events calendar program, but the few programs that are currently occurring are listed on our old calendar system.

…sign up for a program?

We are currently transitioning to a new events calendar program, but registration for the few programs that currently require it can be done on our old calendar system or by calling either branch of the library.

…donate to the library?

Monetary donations can be made in person at either branch (we do not accept credit or debit cards).

At this time we are not accepting donations of physical materials due to lack of storage space.

See our Donations page for full details on items we accept, as we have limited space and resources for managing physical donations.


At this time we are not accepting volunteers.

…ask another question?

There are lots of options to contact us!

Both branches CLOSED September 3-5 for Labor Day weekend

Both branches OPEN 10AM - 3PM on Indigenous Peoples' Day (October 10th)

Both branches OPEN 10AM-3PM Veterans' Day (November 11)

Both branches CLOSING AT 3PM Wednesday, November 23rd and CLOSED for Thanksgiving (Nov 24th)

Both branches CLOSED Christmas Eve (Saturday, December 24th)

Both branches OPEN 10AM - 3PM on New Year's Eve (Saturday, December 31st)

Both branches open 10AM-3PM on HALLOWEEN (Monday, October 31st)