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Please be aware that having overdue items or charges in excess of $5 on your library account will prevent you from accessing some online services.


Cardholders registered at Round Lake Library’s Clark House and Malta branchs now have access to movies, television series, ebooks and more through hoopla.

To get started go to or find the app in your favorite app store. Use your email address and library card number to set up your account and start borrowing!

Don’t have a library card yet? Find out how to get a temporary card online.

Once you set up your account, you can borrow:

Each user has up to four borrows per month. Please note that individual television episodes and Binge Passes each count as one borrow.

For troubleshooting and help, see hoopla’s help page.

Libby App

The Libby app by Overdrive simplifies borrowing and using digital books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Once the Libby app is installed on your device and your library card is added, you can browse, borrow, read, listen, request and return — all in one place! Overdrive can also be accessed through a web browser.

When adding your library, Round Lake Library is part of the Southern Adirondack Library System.

Log in with the barcode number from your library card (no spaces). Find app information, device-specific download directions and more on the Libby app or Overdrive Help page.

Don’t have a library card yet? Find out how to get a temporary card online.

NEW: Borrow digital material from other local library systems!

Books & Audiobooks

Books and audiobooks can be borrowed for a 14 day period, after which they automatically expire — so there are never any late fees!

You can also reserve titles that are currently in use, and be notified or automatically check them out when they become available.

Each person is limited to 10 borrowed items and 10 hold requests at a time in Libby/Overdrive.

Overdrive also offers a selection of books and audiobooks for kids and teens.


Libby now offers a wide variety of magazines for unlimited reading.

Magazine issues can be added to your Magazine Rack for 7 days if you’d like to keep reading later. These appear under your Reading Shelf.

Subscribe to your favorites to receive a notification when a new issue is added.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offers on-demand courses in many languages, including American Sign Language and English as a Second Language.

First time users should create an account through the website using your library card number (under the barcode, no spaces).

Don’t have a library card yet? Find out how to get a temporary card online.

Once your account is set up, you can continue to use Rocket on the website, or download the app from the Apple or Google Play store.

Access to Rocket is limited to patrons registered* at the Round Lake Library and Malta Branch.

The Rocket FAQ page has helpful troubleshooting advise.

Genealogy Research


HeritageQuest provides online access to genealogical records, accessible from home. Log in with your library card number (no spaces) to access this collection, including every extant U.S. federal census, banking and military records, genealogies, local histories, primary source materials, and genealogical and local history serials.

Don’t have a library card yet? Find out how to get a temporary card online.

Ancestry Library Edition

Access to Ancestry Library Edition is available on any of the public computers at the Round Lake Library and Malta Branch. Search for all sorts of records to fill in your family tree: birth, death, and marriage certificates, census and voter lists, military registration, immigration and travel records, newspaper archives and more. Come in and try it out– who knows what you’ll find?

Please note that this is a limited version of Ancestry, and does not include all features of the paid individual subscription.

We recommend bringing your flash drive or buying one for $3 at the front desk to save your finds, as files cannot be saved to the public computers.

Both products are run by ProQuest, but contain different databases and interfaces. See a comparison of HeritageQuest and Ancestry Library Edition features.

Online Research Database

Use the Gale Research Database to find:

  • peer-reviewed scholarly articles
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • statistics
  • case studies
  • reviews
  • recipes

Homeschool Resources

Please note that the resources listed on this page are not affiliated with the library.

In addition to our Homeschooling collection (located upstairs in Clark House), here are some helpful homeschooling websites for grades K-12:

Homeschooling Guidelines

Curriculum Outlines

Free online worksheets/testing

Free lesson plans

Free Multimedia Resources

Free Textbooks & Online Books

  • Project Gutenberg– public domain ebooks
  • Librivox– public domain audiobooks  
  • Wikibooks– collaboratively written textbooks and other instructional books
  • OpenStax– mostly college level, but adding high school textbooks too!
  • LibreTexts– college textbooks
  • JSTOR– 100 free articles a month with a free account

Cultural Organization Directory

  •– Locate museums & galleries, zoos & aquariums, botanical gardens & wildlife reserves, and lots more great places for field trips throughout New York State

Educational Videos

Bonus… Astronomy!

Other Free Resources

These resources are not associated with the library.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Internet Archive provides free access to digitized books through Open Library, an open, editable library catalog.

Internet Archive and Open Library are not associated with the library, but provide free access to many resources including downloads of public domain books, borrowing of books still in copyright, services for people with print disabilities, video and audio recordings, and lots more.

Project Gutenburg

Visit Project Gutenberg for a vast selection of public domain ebooks to download and keep. 

Project Gutenberg is not associated with the library, but is a great free resource (especially when you have a book report on a classic due and all the libraries’ copies are checked out).


Visit for a wide selection of free, downloadable, public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world.

Librivox is not associated with the library, but is a great free resource for audiobook versions of older books that are no longer under copyright.

You can even volunteer to read a book!

Digital Learn

Online training for digital skills provided by the Public library Association.

Learn the basics of using a computer or mobile device, website navigation, email, internet safety and privacy, online job search and application, and more!